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Job TitleDivisionJob CodeLocationRequisition RegionDate
Assistant Site Manager - After School CareSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCASST_SM17Childcare Services 03/28/2017
BabysitterSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCBABYST_H17Hardee County Branch 03/08/2017
Babysitting Aide - ESJSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCBABY_E17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 02/17/2017
Behavior Coach - Youth ShelterSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCBHV_CPT17Youth and Family Services 02/23/2017
Camp Coordinator - ESJSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCAMPCDE17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 02/17/2017
Camp Counselors - All campsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCAMP_E17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 02/17/2017
Camp Counselors - Camp IncredibleSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCAMP_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 10/20/2016
Camp Unit Leaders - Discovery and Adventure CampsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCAMPUL_E17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 02/17/2017
Case Manager - Youth ShelterSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCASE_MGRYouth and Family Services 12/15/2016
Fitness Instructor- HardeeSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCFIT_INH17Hardee County Branch 01/31/2017
Fitness InstructorsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCFIT_INSE16Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 11/08/2016
Fitness InstructorsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCFIT_INSB16Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 11/10/2016
Grant Writer Outcome CoordinatorSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCGRANTWR17Social Services Operations 03/07/2017
Group Exercise InstructorsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCGRPEX_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 02/10/2017
Group Leader - HardeeSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCGRPLDH16Hardee County Branch 11/03/2016
Group Leaders - After School CareSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCGRPLD16Childcare Services 07/25/2016
Junior Camp Counselors - Camp IncredibleSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCCAMPJR_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 10/20/2016
LifeguardSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCLG_B16Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 12/30/2016
Lifeguard - ESJSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCLG_E16Aquatics Center 03/02/2017
Membership RepresentativeSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCMEMREPH17Hardee County Branch 01/31/2017
Membership Representative IISARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCMEMRPE17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 03/10/2017
Membership Representative IISARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCMEMRP_B16Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 03/29/2017
Program Coordinator After School CareSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCPRGCRD17Childcare Services 03/01/2017
Program Director Triad Alternative ProgramSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCPRGDIRTYouth and Family Services 03/14/2017
RefereeSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCREFH17Hardee County Branch 03/16/2017
Site Manager - After School CareSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCSITEMGRChildcare Services 10/20/2016
Specialty Instructor - JudoSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCSPECINSTBFrank G Berlin Sr Branch 02/10/2017
Sports AssistantsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCSPORTS_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 02/22/2017
Swim InstructorsSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCSMIM_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 01/12/2017
Teen Center Program AssistantSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCTC_PA17Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch 02/17/2017
TransporterSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCTRANSPORTFrank G Berlin Sr Branch 01/25/2017
Wellness Program CoordinatorSARASOTA FAMILY YMCA INCPRGCRD_B17Frank G Berlin Sr Branch 03/01/2017